Mathematics Plus

During the last few years of its long history the journal MATHEMATICS PLUS was published only in an electronic form. For a short time the publisher Association for the Development of Education was supported by VUZF University. Starting with issue 4/2020 the journal is published electronically and on a paper form with a new logo and design in collaboration of the Association for the Development of Education and the “Archimedes” Publishing House.

MATHEMATICS PLUS is approved by the Ministry of Education and Science for class and extracurricular activities. It is a handbook for kids, pupils, school and university students, teachers, professional mathematicians, for all, who enjoy the beauty of Mathematics and strive to touch it. In a popular, attractive and approachable way the journal publishes notes and articles with original results, reviews on subjects with considerable importance for Mathematics, Informatics and their applications. Information is proposed for Bulgarian and foreign schools, colleges, universities, foundations. Materials by outstanding experts are elaborated to help acceptance in higher educational institutions, foreign language schools, mathematical and professional lyceums. International and Balkan Mathematical Olympiads, meaningful science competitions in Bulgaria and abroad are discussed. Various contests with awards are organized and special attention is directed to youngsters suggesting suitable topics and tasks to them. Famous researchers and their achievements in Mathematics, Informatics and their applications are presented, including authors with attractive results in other domains.

Our aspirations are to achieve indexing of MATHEMATICS PLUS in the worldwide databases in science and education.

Subscriptions are possible directly through the “Arhcimedes” Publishing House.